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Experience a new level of casual sophistication with our denim pieces, updated the Fame way. Explore elegant prints and textures that embody flattering silhouettes.

the Seamed Skirt

Printed denim skirt

Crew Neck dress

Back Pleat Skirt

Patchwork Skirt

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Denim Trapeze Top-White DenimDenim Trapeze Top-White Denim
Denim Trapeze Top-Blue DenimDenim Trapeze Top-Blue Denim
Denim Tie Blouse-BlueDenim Tie Blouse-Blue
Denim Tie Blouse-Blue
Sale price$64.00
Crew Neck Jumper-Washed Black DenimCrew Neck Jumper-Washed Black Denim
Crew Neck Jumper-Washed Blue DenimCrew Neck Jumper-Washed Blue Denim
Waisted Denim Top-BlueWaisted Denim Top-Blue
Waisted Denim Top-Blue
Sale price$59.00
Gathered Waist Denim Skirt-BlueGathered Waist Denim Skirt-Blue
Washed Drawstring Denim Skirt-BlackWashed Drawstring Denim Skirt-Black
Washed Drawstring Denim Skirt-BlueWashed Drawstring Denim Skirt-Blue
Denim Seamed Skirt-WhiteDenim Seamed Skirt-White
Denim Seamed Skirt-White
Sale price$89.00
Denim Seamed Skirt-BrownDenim Seamed Skirt-Brown
Denim Seamed Skirt-Brown
Sale price$89.00
Jersey Paneled Skirt 37"-BlueJersey Paneled Skirt 37"-Blue
Jersey Paneled Skirt 33"-BlueJersey Paneled Skirt 33"-Blue
Jersey Paneled Skirt 24"-BlueJersey Paneled Skirt 24"-Blue
Washed T-Shirt Trumpet Skirt-BlueWashed T-Shirt Trumpet Skirt-Blue
Washed T-Shirt Trumpet Skirt-BlackWashed T-Shirt Trumpet Skirt-Black
Jersey Paneled Skirt 37"-BlackJersey Paneled Skirt 37"-Black
Jersey Paneled Skirt 37"-Washed OliveJersey Paneled Skirt 37"-Washed Olive
Jersey Paneled Skirt 37"-Washed TaupeJersey Paneled Skirt 37"-Washed Taupe
Jersey Paneled Skirt 33"-Washed TaupeJersey Paneled Skirt 33"-Washed Taupe
Jersey Paneled Skirt 33"-Washed OliveJersey Paneled Skirt 33"-Washed Olive
Jersey Paneled Skirt 33"-BlackJersey Paneled Skirt 33"-Black
Jersey Paneled Skirt 24"-BlackJersey Paneled Skirt 24"-Black
Jersey Paneled Skirt 24"-Washed OliveJersey Paneled Skirt 24"-Washed Olive
Jersey Paneled Skirt 24"-Washed TaupeJersey Paneled Skirt 24"-Washed Taupe
Patchwork Denim Skirt-BluePatchwork Denim Skirt-Blue
Patchwork Denim Skirt-Blue
Sale price$89.00
Leather Buckle Denim Skirt- BlueLeather Buckle Denim Skirt- Blue
Gathered Top Blouse-Washed Black DenimGathered Top Blouse-Washed Black Denim
Gathered Top Blouse-Washed Blue DenimGathered Top Blouse-Washed Blue Denim
Denim Printed Panel Skirt-Blue 36"Denim Printed Panel Skirt-Blue 36"
Denim Printed Panel Skirt-Blue 24"Denim Printed Panel Skirt-Blue 24"
Printed Crew Neck Slip Dress-Denim BrocadePrinted Crew Neck Slip Dress-Denim Brocade
Classic Denim Fringe Skirt-Dark BlueClassic Denim Fringe Skirt-Dark Blue
Solid Crew Neck Slip Dress-Sky Blue DenimSolid Crew Neck Slip Dress-Sky Blue Denim
Stitched Pleated Skirt-BlackStitched Pleated Skirt-Black
Stitched Pleated Skirt-BlueStitched Pleated Skirt-Blue
Stitched Pleated Skirt-Blue
Sale price$98.00
Printed Denim Skirt-Brown FloralPrinted Denim Skirt-Brown Floral
Printed Denim Skirt-Blue FloralPrinted Denim Skirt-Blue Floral
Denim Seamed Skirt-BlackDenim Seamed Skirt-Black
Denim Seamed Skirt-Black
Sale price$89.00
Denim Seamed Skirt-BlueDenim Seamed Skirt-Blue
Denim Seamed Skirt-Blue
Sale price$89.00
Curve Seam Denim Skirt-Blue WashCurve Seam Denim Skirt-Blue Wash
Washed Fringe Denim Skirt-BlackWashed Fringe Denim Skirt-Black
Washed Fringe Denim Skirt-Denim BlueWashed Fringe Denim Skirt-Denim Blue
Denim Printed Tee-BlueDenim Printed Tee-Blue
Denim Printed Tee-Blue
Sale price$44.00
Solid Crew Neck Slip Dress-Dark Blue DenimSolid Crew Neck Slip Dress-Dark Blue Denim
Solid Crew Neck Slip Dress-Light Blue DenimSolid Crew Neck Slip Dress-Light Blue Denim
Pleated Skirt 37"-Black DenimPleated Skirt 37"-Black Denim
Classic Denim Skirt 37"-Dark BlueClassic Denim Skirt 37"-Dark Blue
Classic Denim Skirt 37"-Light BlueClassic Denim Skirt 37"-Light Blue